The POA Experience

We'll talk more about this later.

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Hacking Allowed

Our server keeps it minimal when it comes to the plugins we use. Hoever, keeping the experience level for everyone is our main goal. Special plugins are used to help us achieve this.


No limitations on player interaction. Hunt them down or just sit at spawn and wait for the kills to come to you. With our Player Head Drops, you'll be able to show off your kills!

Build and explore

More to explore and always close to spawn. Never fear about the dreaded trip to spawn. Our server uses a "/spawn" command to take there anytime. Build far out in confidence that you'll make your way home. Just don't forget to sleep in a bed.

More at POA

A few more lurking bits....

  • Plugins

    AdvancedNMotd, ChunkSpawnerLimiter, ColoredAnvils, Headrop, HubPlus, Links, NoCheatPlus, PL-Hide, ProtocolSupport, ViaVersion, WorldEdit, WorldGuard

  • Text Styles

    Dark Red: &4
    Red: &c
    Gold: &6
    Yellow: &e
    Dark Green: &2
    Green: &a
    Dark Aqua: &3
    Aqua: &b
    Dark Blue: &1
    Blue: &9
    Light Purple: &d
    Dark Purple: &5
    White: &f
    Gray: &7
    Dark Gray: &8
    Black: &0
    Bold: &l
    Italics: &o
    Underline: &n
    Strikethrough: &m
  • Discord

    Feel free to drop in our Discord channel. Talk with others and even share your stuff.

  • Voting

    As an open public server, we gently advertise on a few voting sites. Please help us get the word out aboutthe server. New friends could be just a click away.

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